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Our Mission

Rector Chiropractic is committed to helping all individuals achieve and find their desired health. Through our loyalty, passion, and teamwork, we support our patients on their challenging journey. We guide and educate our patients, their families and our community on the responsible health skills needed to provide a happy, healthy and efficient wellness lifestyle.

Our belief is to 

Be Fit, Eat Right, Think Well and Live Better.

Upcoming Events
Pack for Your back!
Aug 12th 6:30 PM(Wednesday)
Join us at our upcoming backpack-fitting workshop so your children can learn how to avoid backpack-related damage & grow up with a straight spine & a healthy body!
New Patient Wellness Workshop
Aug 19th 6:30 PM(Wednesday)
This workshop will focus on how much children can benefit from taking care of their nervous system now that their young then to wait later. Also tips and advice on how to keep our children living a healthy and active life!
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